Kirkwood Electric
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Before the turn of the century, in 1895, in Pittsburgh, PA., Harry R. Kirkwood, the great grandfather of today’s Kirkwood Electric President, Wayne R. Kirkwood, started Kirkwood Electric. Carried on by his grandfather, Ralph C. Kirkwood, and his father, Ralph H. Kirkwood. Kirkwood Electric is a fourth generation company. Kirkwood Electric Established in Florida in 1976, Kirkwood Electric has been serving the residents of Lee, Collier and Charlotte Counties for nearly 30 years. But this company’s roots actually date back 4 consecutive generations, from the northeast to the south.

Today, Kirkwood Electric carries on a tradition of quality that began over 100 years ago. Kirkwood Electric was established in Lee County, Florida by Wayne Kirkwood and his father, Ralph H. Kirkwood while Wayne was still in college. After receiving his degree, Wayne joined his father full-time. The rest is Lee County business history. Kirkwood Electric is, today, one of SW Florida’s largest and most respected electrical contracting firms. They have a well established reputation for honesty, quality and superior service.

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