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Mobile Auto Repair Pros has been in business since 2008 it was started in Springfield Mo, which is where our main office and headquarters is still located at today. The head mechanic and manager is Richard Hanson. We saw the need for whatever reason, people could not always bring their cars and trucks in to be looked at or fixed, so we started going to where the cars are located, that’s how we became the first mobile auto mechanic in the Springfield, Branson Mo at this location, covering most of the Ozark Mountian area.

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Fix my vehicle. I paid 600.00 and my car is not repaired, Apparently the mechanic I had could have been having a bad start for the year. He had no method to accept credit card payments and held my keys hostage for cash. He took off as soon as I gave him the money and my car is still not fixed. Be careful. Spend the extra money and go to someone with a repair shop.

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