Nassau Electric Corporation
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  1. Shelley Trevino
    September 06, 2018 at 20:19 PM
    This is an email I sent to Nassau Pools regarding a driver that purposely cut me off and almost hit me yesterday morning! Someone the name of Gary called me stating that he is the owner. NOT at all satisfied with call. Felt that he took it as a joke. I have a complaint regarding one of your drivers. This morning as I pulled out of River Chase onto Three Oaks there's a curve to the left I checked and no cars where visible pulled onto Three Oaks after doing so I noticed a white truck coming around the curve. There were no other cars to my left as I was in the right lane or in front of me. Your driver pulled up right behind me and started blasting the horn right up behind my truck for me to move out of his way! I am in the left lane mind you as he's barreling down Three Oaks. The he passed me and cut me off no more than 1 feet in front of me if I hadn't slammed my brakes he would of taken off the front of my truck! That is NOT ACCEPTABLE!!! Very dangerous and unnecessary! Not to mention scary! My very close friend Capt. Blake Lee with Lee County Sheriff's Office. Whom I sent this pictures to. He and his ride alongs thought it was very funny! Laughing as they sat in the truck till they noticed I was taking pictures. I will be writing a note on your companies reviews as this was a horrible experience!
  2. Talessia Fain-Martin
    September 02, 2017 at 00:49 AM
    This company was subcontracted by my pool company to install the electrical panel for my pool equipment. The crew that came out Monday was awesome and very professional. However there was an issue with my breaker box after they left. I informed the pool contractor who informed Nassau of the issue. After waiting all day. Gary arrives at my home and as unprofessionally as possible informs me that he isn't going to fix it. In fact he tries to charge me $60 the breaker that was blown as a result of their work! He then lied to me in my face and said that it was an A/C issue and not his!! I only gave them 1 star because option of none isn't available! As a service member Veteran and homeowner I have never been so insulted in my life! Gary is very unprofessional and I will never do business with his company through a contractor or otherwise ever again. I will fix it myself before I allow him to step foot on my property again!
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