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  1. Deni Schiaroli
    September 19, 2017 at 21:25 PM
    Home depot Hurricaine window installation this is what they left me with and it has been two months and another larger window does not go up.
  2. Deanna M
    December 31, 2016 at 15:29 PM
    On November 18th, 2016 I went to Home Depot to purchase a wall oven. My husband and I paid for them to come and measure. On November 23rd we finally received a call they were coming on Nov. 25th and would call with a time. Well, they showed up without calling but luckily our son was home. The following week we took the measurements back to home depot and ordered the size oven needed per the measurements. After another week the oven was delivered and dumped on our living room floor. We were told the installers would contact us, as we had already paid for the oven and installation in full. The installers showed up the next morning without a call ahead, again my son was home so they came in and told us the oven was the wrong size and the cabinet would have to be cut. I called home depot, not very happy of course as we had paid for the measuring to make sure this would not happen. This started 2 more weeks of being jerked around, more measurements and installers and nothing able to get done. I called customer service in Atlanta and they screwed it up also. I told them we needed a carpenter to get the oven installed correctly but they just sent another installer. Now it is 4 days before Christmas and no oven. On Dec 23rd a carpenter came out and told us the oven was absolutely the wrong size and he could do nothing! I spoke with Brian the manager again and he assured me he would order the right size but of course I have no oven for Christmas. He did offer to send a countertop oven out but I refused. I did not want the responsibility of a loaner oven, at this point I was fed up and trusted no one. After Christmas I got another phone call from Brian stating he could order me the oven but it was my responsibility to get a carpenter and electrician as they didn't have anybody who could do it and their installers, electricians or carpenters were not returning any of his calls. This is the WORST customer service I have ever received. DO NOT buy appliances from home depot. It is now the end of December and after 5 weeks of stress, missing work and daily phone calls I am right back to where I started from. Lowes will have my business from now on. Years ago I ordered 3 major appliances from them and all were delivered and installed within a week with no problems. Thanks home depot for nothing! I gave you 1 star because I couldn't give you a zero!
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