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  1. Letitia D Schnobrich
    June 12, 2019 at 14:41 PM
    Hired this company because we were selling a property and an inspection was done for insects and termites were discovered. Timing was important and many companies were unable to get the job done quickly. A realtor found this company and they managed to get the work done more closely to the time needed. Thorough with information, the company provided a lot of literature as to what would be done and when. Since the building had a pool screen, we had to also hire individuals to come in, take out screening and supports so the property could be tented. Our contractors for this job were thorough as well and requested a meet to find out what needed to be done and how many screens would be replaced. The termite company met our contractors and they went over procedure. On the day of the tenting our screen people went to site to make sure all was going well and discovered that 4 extra panels of screens were removed, not part of contract. I was contacted and I got ahold of the termite company furious because I had to prepay for everything in advance since the work was being done after closing day. An extra charge was being given to me and I was mad. The termite company came through and paid the difference for their mistake. Once the job was done, they contacted me as well and let me know the work was completed with no problems. Hoping I never need this again but they did a good job.
  2. KATONA Zito
    May 23, 2019 at 00:37 AM
    I have lived in Florida my entire life and dealing with bugs comes with that. I have had other pest control companies in the past however NONE compare to the hands on service I have received. The management Julian and John are the absolute best. I found them to be through and took the time to explain exactly what they would be doing. I advise to ignore all those “big “ companies for termite service. Cut out the middle man and use the company that other p/c companies are using for their jobs. I definitely recommend them top notch service!!!
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