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  1. diann lee
    June 14, 2019 at 22:38 PM
    Unfortunately, they failed to communicate or deliver. Russell came out to give an estimate for repair and/or replace two weeks ago, after numerous calls and texts to him and the companies office no estimate and no call backs as promised! The disappointing thing was after he was there on a Thursday promised the estimate for the next day (Friday) then came Saturday and was promised first thing Monday morning....crickets.... here's the shocker the office staff said he wasn't returning thier calls, to which they didn't seem to care or be concerned about.... they promised a call back from his's again....I know from another roofing contractor the roof needed to be replaced! So my only conclusion was that Nastar had enough business and didn't need mine or simply didn't care enough to come out and say it. Buyer beware... Don't call them.... they certainly won't call you!
  2. Robert Buhler
    January 08, 2019 at 14:07 PM
    I used Nastar and my roof turned out fantastic. I was leary because of negative reviews. I could complain about little things but hey, they tore off my old tile roof with a foam coating on it dropped it into their trucks and it was gone day 1. They then repaired some plywood and other areas plus put on the peal and stick roofing paper all day 1 with 15 men on the roof. We did wait a few weeks for the shingle delivery but once it came, They did the shingles in a day and it looks great. They did all the permits and scheduled the inspections. These are roofers people, a little rough around the edges but they know how to get it done for the least cost. I got 5 estimates from 15,300 to 29,000 they were the least expensive. The 2 from Angie's list were the most expensive and the one guy said it was such a high price because the foam coating on our roof tiles had to be contained and all sorts of problems. Ha what a crock. Very little mess, and they cleaned up at the end of the day. I dont usually write long reviews like this but they did the job right the first time ( a rare thing in Florida ) There was 2,300 in unknowns, and we knew there would be some, but till the old roof came off we didn't know exactly how much. They were honest and fixed everything as they found any problems. I will recommend them to everyone including you if you are looking for a reliable company.
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