Sabrina's Gulf Coast Window Cleaning
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  1. Arthur Lemmer
    April 16, 2019 at 17:33 PM
    I had my entire house pressure cleaned as well as the windows inside and out. Absolutely fabulous work! The tech, Steve was conscientious and took his time to be absolutely sure everything was clean. House, pool cage, lanai even our furniture! Highest recommendations!
  2. JoAnn Paul-Young
    May 16, 2019 at 20:42 PM
    HORRIFIC! HORRID! AWFUL!! As a repeat customer I never in my wildest dreams thought this company fail to provide good service, LET ALONE CAUSE SIGNIFCANT DAMAGE TO MY HOME - I was sorely wrong. I hired SGCWC to power wash my house and it was a disaster. Not only was the actual power washing awful, but they caused in excess of $1500 damage to my house. We sent the technician off the property and immediately called the office. The next day another technician came to the house and was appalled by the work and destruction. Poor guy had to hand wash the residue from the siding. The following day two employees showed up to repair the damage to the house, but quickly upon observance called SGCWC and relayed they were not qualified to complete the repair. We had our contractor look at the job and provide an estimate ($1600) which we provided, along with pictures to SGCWC. Not in agreement SGCWC sent, not one but two separate painters/carpenters to provide quotes. Both provided quotes of $700+ and $900+ to repair the damage. Believing in the satisfaction guarantee, we believed our home would be repaired. Instead we received a call saying, you don't have to pay for the power washing, pay whoever you like to fix it.
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